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5 Must-Have Model Y Accessories by Teslassories

As a Tesla Model Y owner, you appreciate the perfect blend of performance, design, and technology. To optimize your driving experience and protect your vehicle, Teslassories offers a selection of five must-have products. Whether it’s interior organization, exterior protection, or comfort, these exclusive accessories are specifically designed to enhance your Tesla Model Y. Let’s explore these Teslassories essentials together.

The exclusive clothes hanger is specially designed for Tesla Model Y owners. It combines style and practicality by providing a storage solution for clothing, umbrellas, and bags. The specially designed hooks seamlessly attach to the headliner of your Tesla, allowing for effortless installation. Simply slide them between the headrest and seatback to create additional storage space with ease. Enhance the interior organization of your Tesla without compromising its design or integrity.

Protect the door handles of your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y with our carbon fiber door handle wraps. They perfectly fit the unique door handles of Model 3 and Y. Installation is easy, requiring no cutting or tools. These wraps protect your door handles from scratches while adding a touch of sophistication. Preserve the integrity of your vehicle in style with these carbon fiber door handle wraps.

Protect the mirrors of your Tesla Model Y with our carbon fiber mirror covers. These covers are scratch and impact-resistant. Installation is tool-free, as the covers simply clip on. They are sold in pairs and allow full movement of the door mirror. Made of carbon fiber texture material, they give your car a sleek, modern look while providing protection.

Maintain the integrity of your Tesla Model Y with no visible mounting traces using our mudguards. They offer quick and easy installation without drilling or causing damage to your vehicle. Crafted from high-quality ABS material, these mudguards provide effective protection against snow, salt, sand, and rocks. Shield your vehicle from external elements and road debris while enhancing its sleek design. Choose quality and easy installation for optimal protection.

Perfectly match your vehicle’s interior and proudly display the Tesla logo with our neck and lumbar cushions. The neck cushions provide optimal support and relieve cervical tensions with soft, ergonomic padding. The lumbar cushions alleviate lower back pain and promote a comfortable sitting position. Enhance your vehicle’s interior with the elegant Tesla neck and lumbar cushions. Enjoy a driving experience that combines comfort, style, and ergonomic support.

With these five must-have products from Teslassories, you can maximize the organization, protection, and comfort of your Tesla Model Y. Whether you want to optimize the interior, protect the exterior, or enhance your driving experience, Teslassories offers exclusive solutions specifically designed for your Tesla. Don’t wait any longer and equip yourself with these high-quality accessories to make the most out of your Tesla Model Y.

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