Tesla Model 3 USB hud opened illustrationTesla Model 3 USB hud opened illustration
Model 3 USB Hub Pro

Model 3 USB Hub Pro


  • 5 Ports Have Data & Power Transfer Capabilities: provides data and power on all ports, 4 USB-A front for game controllers, wireless chargers, music etc., 
  • 1 USB-A ports in the secret compartment for dashcam storage SSD
  • Perfect Fit with Your Model 3: Matches your Model 3 center console. Tesla factory-installed feeling;
  • Keep Your Tesla Safe: Store SSD disk or USB stick flash drive securely in the secret compartment, keep Dashcam, Sentry Mode data safe


After-May 2020 Model 3

Two front USB-A and two USB-C connectors on the front panel. An additional vertical USB-A connector is located inside a special compartment for dashcam SSD drive. Perfect integration with the Tesla console. Model 3 USB Hub Pro provides both data and power transfer on all 5 ports.  Exclusive item, just designed for your Model 3.

You can use any USB A ports to power your wireless charging pad.

Makes a big difference to tidying up the storage area below, since it eliminates all the usual cablework( no additional USB splitters, hubs or USB-A to USB-C converters are needed).

Portable SSD´s:

  • Samsung T5
  • PNY Elite


Color: black

Package size: 26*22*6cm

Package weight: 351g

Our opinion:

Yes. This solves a whole spectrum of issues, ranging from “There should be a SSD hidden somewhere there….” to “man where can I plug my cable in I need to charge my phone?” We are more than happy to recommend this item to anyone with Model 3.



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