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Because of the ongoing crisis, shopping online gained significantly in popularity, and thus delivery companies are heavily overloaded. They are pushing 120% and it´s still not enough to satisfy the needs of the customers, not to mention the havoc they have to go through when passing the borders. With that being said, as much as we would like to, we can not fully guarantee that your order will be delivered in 1 week. We apologize in advance and hope it won´t change your mind over shopping with us.

How we deliver


Over  58 000 000 transported packages, 92 000 pick-up points and 66 associated transporters, Packeta is our go-to option when shipping our goods. Right now it delivers to 33 countries, with their proud record being 378 000 packages delivered in one day. We rely on Packeta with our other businesses every day and are more than satisfied.

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How we deliver


PPL is a Czech company that specializes in express delivery. We use this option mainly for Europe, but, believe us, they are more than capable of delivering to Mars.

How we deliver

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When we ship your order, you will receive an email that contains a link which you can use for comfortably tracking your order. 

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