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Must Have Accessories for Your Tesla Model S

As a Tesla Model S owner, you’re looking for high-quality accessories to enhance your driving experience and elevate your iconic electric vehicle. At Teslassories, we have handpicked must-have accessories specifically designed for the Tesla Model S. These products combine functionality, style, and durability to provide an even more exceptional driving experience. Discover these essential accessories that will elevate your Tesla Model S and allow you to fully enjoy every journey.

Door Seal Kit:

This rubber door seal kit effectively reduces outside noise, creating a quiet driving experience. It also keeps dust, dirt, and water out. The kit is designed specifically for the Tesla Model S and includes a full set for all 4 doors and A/B pillars. It’s easy to install with no modification required.

Seat Gap Fillers:

Seat gap fillers are perfect for keeping the interior of your Tesla Model S clean and clutter-free. The stylish black color seamlessly blends with your Tesla’s interior aesthetics. Crafted with high-quality, flexible, and durable materials, these gap fillers prevent small items from slipping through the seat gap. They offer quick and hassle-free installation, securely staying in position. Easily adjustable to accommodate different seat configurations, they enhance both practicality and style in your Tesla.

Performance Pedal Set:

The Performance Pedal Set is designed to enhance your driving experience. It’s easy to install without drilling or welding. The pedal set enlarges the area of the original pedals, providing better grip and increased driving comfort.

Window Sunshades:

Our premium black Window Sunshades for the sleek Model S offer ultimate sun protection and add elegance to your vehicle. With high-quality shades providing optimal side window coverage, they keep your Tesla cool. They are easy to install, ensuring a perfect fit for seamless integration and enhanced aesthetic appeal. Enjoy superior sun protection and privacy, with the option to fold them for a clear side mirror view.

Charging Cable Organizer Gen. 2:

The Generation 2 Charging Cable Organizer from Teslassories offers protection for your Tesla charger and eliminates messy charging cables. With its V0 Anti-Fire feature, it provides additional safety. It fits all Tesla models, including the Tesla Model S. The organizer keeps your charging cable tidy and safeguards the charging interface from water and dust. Made from heavy-duty ABS+PC plastic, it’s easy to clean and built to last.

By investing in these must-have accessories from Teslassories, you can enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and protection of your Tesla Model S. From the door seal kit that provides a quiet driving experience to the seat gap fillers that keep your interior clean, and the performance pedal set that improves grip, to the window sunshades offering superior sun protection, and the charging cable organizer for a neat and organized charging experience, each product is thoughtfully designed to meet the specific needs of Tesla Model S owners. Trust Teslassories for top-quality accessories that will optimize your driving experience and truly showcase the excellence of your Tesla Model S.

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