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Black Umbrella

Black Umbrella


  • The black Tesla umbrella is meticulously designed to offer you optimal protection against harsh weather conditions.
  • Made from high-density waterproof polyester fiber, this umbrella ensures you stay dry even during heavy downpours.
  • With a sturdy metal and high-quality polyester fiber construction, the Tesla umbrella is built to last and withstand daily use.
  • Its intelligent design and solid structure make it highly resistant to strong winds, eliminating concerns of umbrella inversion.
  • The Tesla umbrella’s user-friendly features, including an easy-to-handle opening and closing mechanism, make it effortless to use in any situation.
  • Don’t let rain hinder your plans – embrace the elements with confidence and style by owning the black Tesla umbrella.


We are delighted to present to you the black Tesla umbrella, carefully designed to provide you with optimal protection against the elements. Here’s why our umbrella is an exceptional choice:

Waterproof: Made from a high-density waterproof polyester fiber material, this umbrella will keep you dry even during the heaviest downpours. You can rely on its superior quality to shield you from the weather throughout the year.

Durability: Our Tesla umbrella is constructed with a sturdy metal and high-quality polyester fiber blend, giving it exceptional durability. It is designed to withstand daily use and accompany you for many years.

Wind-resistant: Thanks to its intelligent design and solid structure, our umbrella is specially engineered to withstand the strongest gusts of wind. No need to worry about your umbrella turning inside out with every gust—you can count on its stability.

Ease of use: Our Tesla umbrella is designed for your convenience. Its opening and closing mechanism is easy to handle, even in tight spaces. You can quickly deploy it when the rain suddenly arrives and fold it back in a snap when entering a building.

Tesla logo: This umbrella proudly features the Tesla logo, a symbol of innovation and quality. It is the perfect accessory for Tesla fans or anyone who appreciates a modern and elegant design.


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