Coat hanger with clothes
Coat Hanger

Coat Hanger


  • Exclusive coat hanger designed for Tesla Model X and Model S owners.
  • Stylish and practical storage solution for clothing, umbrellas, and bags.
  • Tool-free installation with T-shaped hooks.
  • Removable hooks for safety when rear seats are occupied.
  • Enhance interior organization without compromising design or integrity.


Discover our exclusive storage solution designed specifically for Tesla Model X and Model S owners with second-generation seats and a panoramic or all-glass roof. Our innovative coat hanger provides a stylish and convenient way to store your clothing, umbrellas, and bags, enhancing the interior of your Tesla.

One of the key features of our solution is its tool-free design. The specially designed hooks seamlessly attach to the headliner of your Tesla, allowing for effortless installation. Simply slide them between the headrest and seatback to create additional storage space with ease.

Our sturdy hooks can securely support your items, whether it’s jackets, coats, bags, or umbrellas, keeping them organized and within reach during your car journeys.

Please note that the 2 pcs set hooks included with our solution for the S and X models are removable. We advise using them only when there are no passengers seated in the rear seats (second row) to ensure safety in the event of an accident. Your safety is our top priority, and we provide clear instructions for optimal use.

Enhance the functionality and organization of your Tesla Model X or Model S with our high-quality coat hanger. Enjoy the benefits of additional storage space without compromising the design or integrity of your vehicle. Invest in our practical and stylish solution, custom-made to perfectly fit your Tesla and simplify your daily life.

Installation Procedure:

  • Slide the hook into the space between the front headrest of your Model X or S and the seatback.
  • Push down until the hook is securely attached.
  • Hang your clothes and ensure they are properly suspended.


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