Seat cover with a dog
Dog Seat Cover

Dog Seat Cover


  • Ultimate dog seat cover for optimal protection and comfort
  • Full protection against splashes, mud, fur, scratches, and odors
  • Versatile design with side flaps, mesh windows, and storage pockets
  • Prioritizing comfort and safety during car journeys
  • Soft and durable materials with adjustable straps for secure installation
  • Rinse or wipe for light stains, air dry for deeper cleaning
  • Enjoy worry-free and stress-free car journeys with your loyal friend


Discover our ultimate dog seat cover, designed to provide optimal protection for your vehicle while ensuring the comfort and safety of your loyal four-legged companion. Our seat cover is specially designed to Tesla model 3 et Y and meet the needs of owners who prioritize the cleanliness of their cars.

Features of our dog seat cover:

Full Protection: Our waterproof seat cover features a durable coating that effectively shields your seats from splashes, mud, fur, scratches, and unwanted odors. Whether it’s after a forest walk, a day at the beach, or a simple car ride, your vehicle will remain impeccably clean.

Versatile Design: The cover is equipped with side flaps that extend to cover the doors, effectively protecting the sides of your rear seats. Additionally, it has mesh windows that allow your dog to enjoy the view while staying secure. The large storage pockets also provide convenient space to store your pet’s toys, treats, and accessories.

Comfort and Safety: We have prioritized your dog’s well-being during car journeys. Our seat cover is made from soft and durable materials, offering optimal comfort for your furry companion. Furthermore, it is equipped with adjustable straps that securely fasten around the headrests, ensuring a safe installation and preventing the cover from sliding.

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning: We understand the importance of a seat cover that is easy to maintain. Our dog seat cover is designed to simplify the cleaning process. You can easily remove fur and debris by using a handheld vacuum or an adhesive roller. Light stains can be wiped away with a damp cloth and mild detergent. If the cover is exposed to more significant dirt, you can rinse it with clear water and let it air dry. This helps to keep your cover clean and fresh between uses, ensuring optimal hygiene for both your vehicle and your dog.

Invest in our dog seat cover and provide your vehicle with the protection it needs while ensuring the comfort and safety of your four-legged companion. Enjoy worry-free and stress-free car journeys, knowing that your car stays clean and your dog is comfortably settled. Make every trip an enjoyable experience for you and your loyal friend !


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