Tesla design t-shirt redTesla design t-shirt red
OG Tesla T-Shirt

OG Tesla T-Shirt


  • Single Jersey
  • 100% cotton(160 gms)
  • The Tesla you didn´t know about
  • Quality made
  • Durable print-on


Wait, what?

A little bit different Tesla company. This one was founded back in 1946 and operated as a Czech national company until 1990.

Name refers to Nikola Tesla but also is an abbreviation for the words TEchnika SLAboproud. In 2011, the company INTER-SAT LTD obtained a license for the TESLA brand. To this day, they produce small electrical equipment, whole field of electronic components and consumer electronic.

Do they have something in common with the Tesla we have dedicated this page to? Absolutely not. But it still is a Tesla. OG Tesla, dare we say.


And if you buy a vacuum cleaner from them, you can go around and proudly say to all your friends that you have a Tesla at home.

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