Roof Rack model 3
Roof Rack Tesla Model 3

Roof Rack Tesla Model 3


  • Premium aluminum roof rack designed for Tesla Model 3
  • Versatile solution for transporting skis, bikes, and large items
  • High-quality aluminum construction, 30% lighter than steel
  • Corrosion-resistant and durable
  • Secure and lockable for peace of mind
  • Optimal safety at high speeds
  • Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with a functional and stylish roof rack.


Discover our aluminum roof rack specifically designed for Tesla Model 3 vehicles. With its ability to accommodate skis, bicycles, and large boxes, it provides a versatile solution for your transportation needs. This comprehensive set includes two crossbars with towers, a tower mounting kit, a key set, and a detailed copy of the installation instructions.

Enjoy easy installation at home with our ultra-sleek mounting mechanism that seamlessly blends with your vehicle’s design. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our roof rack crossbars offer superior strength while being 30% lighter than steel counterparts, reducing overall weight while maintaining durability.

The aluminum crossbars with powder coating and the die-cast towers with integrated locks ensure a solid and long-lasting construction. With a load rating of 150 lbs and a static load limit of 495 lbs, our roof rack provides robust capacity for your equipment.

In addition to corrosion resistance, our roof rack is lockable and anti-theft, ensuring the security of your belongings during your travels. Embrace your life as a traveler with peace of mind.

To ensure optimal safety at high speeds, our Tesla roof rack rails are tightened when attached to all four tower parts. This allows you to drive with confidence, knowing that your load is securely fastened.

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 with our premium roof rack, combining functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Get ready to embark on new adventures with ease and security.


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