Wheel cover inside the car
Wheel Cover

Wheel Cover


  • Brown suede wheel covers for Tesla Model Y and Model 3
  • Wear-resistant, odorless, breathable, and comfortable to handle
  • Anti-skid lining and carefully polished edges for enhanced grip and safety
  • Protects your hands and the original steering wheel from scratches, fading, dirt, tear, and wear
  • Improves the interior visual effect of your car and covers old or worn parts
  • Classic style suitable for various occasions including business, daily commuting, and traveling
  • Makes a special and thoughtful gift for Tesla enthusiasts


Introducing the high-quality wheel cover, designed to elevate the driving experience in your Tesla. Impeccably crafted with a focus on both style and functionality, these luxurious brown suede covers are the perfect addition to your vehicle.

Meticulously polished and made from premium suede material, these wheel covers offer a soft and comfortable grip, enhancing your driving comfort while exuding a sense of elegance. The carefully designed contours ensure a seamless fit on Tesla Model Y and Model 3 steering wheels, providing a custom look that complements the interior aesthetics.

Not only do these wheel covers add a touch of sophistication to your Tesla, but they also offer exceptional protection. The anti-skid lining ensures a secure grip, preventing any slipping or sliding during your drives. The carefully polished edges are designed to be smooth and without any sharp edges, ensuring that your hands are protected from scratches and discomfort.

By shielding your original steering wheel from scratches, fading, dirt, tears, and wear, these covers help preserve its pristine condition, ensuring its longevity. Additionally, they can effortlessly cover old or worn parts of the steering wheel, instantly rejuvenating the interior ambiance of your Tesla.

The versatility of these wheel covers extends beyond their practicality. Their classic and timeless style makes them suitable for various occasions, whether it’s your daily commute, business engagements, or even long-distance travel. They make for exceptional gifts, symbolizing both a passion for Tesla and an appreciation for refined automotive accessories.

Upgrade your Tesla with our exquisite wheel covers and experience the perfect fusion of style, comfort, and protection. Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of the premium suede, meticulously polished to perfection. Elevate your driving experience and make a statement with our meticulously crafted wheel covers, designed exclusively for Tesla enthusiasts who seek the utmost in quality and aesthetics.


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