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Tesla Ownership: Precautions, Skills & Issues

As the popularity of Tesla electric vehicles continues to rise, it’s important for owners and newcomers alike to familiarize themselves with the unique aspects of owning and driving a Tesla. In this comprehensive Teslassories‘s article, we delve into common problems, essential precautions, and key skills that will help you navigate the world of Tesla with confidence. From picking up your new Tesla to understanding its advanced features, this guide provides valuable insights to enhance your Tesla ownership experience.

  1. Essential precautions and inspection steps when receiving a Tesla vehicle

Ensure the completeness of materials such as purchase invoice, registration certificates, and three guarantees certificates. Check the car’s appearance and the proper functioning of essential driving features like gear shifting, brakes, and air conditioning. Contact Tesla’s after-sales service for any issues.

  1. Key considerations for first-time Tesla drivers

Familiarize yourself with the unique operating habits of Tesla by thoroughly reading the manual. Practice driving in open areas to get acquainted with Tesla’s controls, steering wheel features, and software systems.

  1. Understanding Tesla’s key options

Tesla offers card keys, remote control keys, and mobile phone keys, with the latter being the most convenient and widely used.

  1. Different door-opening methods for various Tesla models

Tesla Model S requires manual opening after the door handle pops up when the car key is nearby. Tesla Model X automatically opens its doors when approached, and widens them when you walk behind. Tesla Model 3 and Model Y require placing the key on the B-pillar and pulling the door handle to open.

  1. Exiting a Tesla vehicle

Press the button on the inner door handle’s top to open the door from inside.

  1. Starting and stopping a Tesla

To start, step on the brake after entering the vehicle. Shift the gear behind the steering wheel to drive and begin driving. When parking, lock the car to automatically turn off the power and shut down.

  1. Powering off a Tesla

Shift the gear to the P position when parking, and the car will automatically power off. Locking the car after exiting will also initiate automatic power-off.

  1. Automatic locking feature of Tesla

Tesla does not require manual locking. When your phone is paired, the car automatically locks and folds the rearview mirrors upon sensing your departure.”

In conclusion, exploring the common problems and essential skills associated with Tesla ownership is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable experience. By following the precautions and inspection steps when picking up your Tesla, familiarizing yourself with the unique driving dynamics, and understanding key features like door operations and power management, you can maximize your Tesla’s performance and ensure a seamless ownership journey. As you embark on this electrifying adventure, remember to always refer to the Tesla manual, seek assistance from Tesla’s after-sales service when needed, and embrace the innovative and sustainable driving experience that Tesla offers. Happy driving!

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