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Tesla Voice: How to Use Voice Command

There is no wake word for Tesla’s intelligent voice assistant. The driver simply needs to press the scroll wheel on the right side of the steering wheel to awaken the Tesla vehicle’s voice assistant and then speak the corresponding command.

Tesla’s voice assistant is different from the voice assistants found in most mainstream electric vehicles today. It accepts more direct commands, such as directly instructing it to turn on the wipers, adjust the climate temperature, open the glove box, save the driving recorder, and more. If you say something like “I’m so hot, I’m so cold, it’s raining, and I’d like to get something from the glove box,” it might be challenging to accomplish anything. The Tesla voice assistant won’t understand commands like these.

How to Use Tesla’s Voice Command?

As mentioned above, Tesla’s voice command needs to be awakened by pressing the scroll wheel on the right side of the steering wheel and then speaking the corresponding usage instructions directly. The voice command can also perform a few basic adjustments to the vehicle.

In addition to the fact that Tesla’s voice command is not as perceptive or human-like in accepting instructions, its response speed is relatively slow, and the driver often needs to provide complete instructions to gain voice control.

However, Tesla’s voice assistant can still play a role during everyday driving. Most physical buttons in the car are eliminated, and operating the central control screen while driving poses safety risks. For now, voice command is the more convenient option.

Understanding how to use Tesla’s voice command can enhance your overall Tesla driving experience with Teslassories. Despite its limitations, utilizing voice control allows for a safer and more seamless interaction with your Tesla Model Y on the road.

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