Tesla Model 3 spoiler components
Front Lip Spoiler Gen.:2

Front Lip Spoiler Gen.:2


  • Custom Fit specifically customized for the Model 3
  • Durable: made with top-grade ABS materials that are durable in all weather and guaranteed to last for years.
  • Spoiler matches any color and adds a nice upgrade to your overall look.
  • Easy to install


Model 3 

2nd generation front lip spoiler is made from lightweight, ABS carbon fiber coated with a thin layer of epoxy resin to prevent UV and environmental damage. Spoiler has  been tested for seamless, airtight wrap around the front end. The front lip spoiler is precut and molded to match the exact dimensions of your Model 3’s front bumper. Overall it lowers your car for about 1.3cm, which, even with lowered suspension, is nothing that would cause any issues.

This product does not interfere with parking sensors or autopilot.


Package includes 1 set of our front lip spoiler body kit (3 pieces) and all necessary accessories for installation.
Instructions are not included! Professional installation is highly recommended. (But in case you have internet AND youtube, you can get it done in under 20 minutes.)

Our thoughts:

Ever parked in a city? For 100 bucks you now can get a front spoiler that not only looks good, but can save your whole front bumper from a higher-than-usual curb. It is not the greatest racing spoiler in the world, no doubt about that, but it´s something we seriously recommend.


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