Tesla charging cable organiser illustrationTesla charging cable organiser illustration
Charging Cable Organizer Gen. 2

Charging Cable Organizer Gen. 2


  • Generation 2 with V0 Anti Fire feature
  • Fitment: fits all Tesla Models
  • Organization: Protectsyour Tesla charger from damage, gets rid of messy charging cables
  • Easy to use: Insert and click the charging nozzle
  • Protection: Protects the charging interface from water and dust,
  • Heavy Duty: ABS+PC plastic, easy to clean, can be used for years.


Charging Cable Organizer Gen. 2



  • Helps you get rid of messy charging cables and gives your garage a nice, tidy, organized look
  • Holds the Tesla charging cable firmly. The organizer is custom fitted for the Tesla charging cable and is tested
  • Made of ABS + PC materials
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Note: Does not include the cable and handle shown in the picture;
  • the charging cable organizer has North American Standard and European Standard
  • Protects the charger from water and dust






Our thoughts:

Yes, yes, a hundred times yes! It looks good, it is simple to mount, saves you space and the havoc of dealing with dirty cables. Ou and it looks good, haven´t we mentioned?


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