Tesla carbon door handles installed
Door handle wraps (carbon)

Door handle wraps (carbon)


  • Provides a carbon fiber look for door handles of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y
  • Perfect fit with the unique door handles of Model 3 and Y
  • Easy to install – requiring no cutting and no tools
  • Protects door handles from scratches


Model 3 and Y

Door handle wraps provide a carbon fiber look for the handles.  Set of all 4.

The wraps are fairly thick (20mm-ish) which does not interfere with the functionality of the door in any way.


Our thoughts:

This depends solely on your taste and preference. If you want to get that carbon-ish look, then sure, go for it. Reason we chose these over others on the market is that they are super-easy to work with, and there is no need for cutting/heating and other procedures. Just take the cover off, slap them on and you are good to go. Also, they are fairly thick so they wont get damaged in the process, and they look a tad better than the rest we had here to for comparison.


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