Tesla medal pedals illustration
Performance pedal set

Performance pedal set


  1. Easy to install, no drilling or welding required.
  2. Enlarges the area of the original pedals.
  3. Designed for Tesla Model S and Model X.
  4. Non-slip surface design.


Model S and X

Set of performance pedals for your Tesla. Made from aluminum, with anti-slip rubber lining. Yes, all three of them, Accelerator, Brake and Foot rest.


Color: Silver with Black rubber lines
Material: Aluminum Alloy And Rubber
Fits: Tesla Model S and X
Package Includes:
1x Accelerator pedal
1x Brake pedal
1x Foot Rest Pedal
Our thoughts:
Changing the regular rubber pedals is always a good idea. These are a suitable replacement. There is not much to it, at the end of the day we are still talking about pedals, which is not that exciting.



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